I am a writer, artist and walker living in Tasmania.
I love straight lines and angles, and I crave silence and solitude. I stand on the sidelines and I gravitate towards the shadows. For me, there's no such thing as a shadow too dark. I colour inside the lines, mostly in shades of black and white. I’m a pedantic perfectionist with a fear of failure and a fear of success. I over-analyse everything, I love details and I hate making mistakes.
I embrace who I am and what I'm drawn to, but I also love to contradict myself. So sometimes I step on the cracks instead of avoiding them, I colour outside the lines and I break the rules. I look for all the shades of grey, and delight in discovering things that are what they are not. And things that are not what they are.
Life is an adventure that I want to fully experience and immerse myself in, even the parts I don’t like. I prefer the back roads to the highways because there's so much more to explore beyond the bypasses. I don’t want my life to be a freeway that takes me where I'm going as quickly as possible. I want to slow down, notice more, and be curious about everything that catches my eye.
Walking is my exercise, my way of exploring, and my escape. I'm an urban bushwalker. Wandering the streets of city with my camera is something that always makes me happy. It allows me to explore my world, to see things I might otherwise miss, and to discover beauty in the everyday. And when I'm done exploring, I love to document my experiences in words, images or both.
I've been a writer my whole life and I'm passionate about writing. I tell stories about my adventures in colouring outside the lines on my blog stepping on the cracks.
Having rediscovered my love of photography in 2017, I’m exploring this craft every day, learning to make beautiful photographs that show my world the way I see it. In particular, I find joy in creating something beautiful out of something that isn’t. I feature my photographs on my website and at the streets of Hobart, a project that documents my city’s street corners as they were at one moment in time.
I look forward to sharing my world with you.